Street Editor Features

Connect panoramas intuitively

Street Editor brings a revolutionary method of connecting the panoramas, by matching the directions from a look down perspective.

Levels Support

Organize your images and publish them to Street View on levels.

Preview navigation

Preview the connected panoramas before publishing them to Street View.

Multi Language

No hassle trying to understand another language.

GoThru Integration

Publish to Street View with the best tool on the market.

Create Different Types of Virtual Tours

Publish to Google or create a Hosted Virtual Tour.


Street Editor allows you to easily and intuitively connect your 360 panoramic images and publish the connected panoramas to Google Street View or create custom virtual tours. insert Video

How it works

Start by creating your virtual tour from your phone or by importing an existing tour from your GoThru account. Connect the panoramas using the Street Editor interface and publish them to Google Street View using your GoThru account.


No, Street Editor requires a connection with an existing goThru account.
Yes, you can create levels and move panoramas between levels. While on the tour, click on the upper left side dots and you can Add level, Edit level, Remove level, Move level and Sort level.
Hosted Virtual Tour is a virtual tour hosted by GoThru, that has nothing to do with Google Street View.
It creates a virtual tour associated with an address on Google Maps. This tour can be published to Google Street View.
Yes, it does offer the preview functionality.
No, anyone with a Gmail account can connect panoramas with Street Editor and publish them to Street View.
No, you can use Street Editor to connect your panoramas and create a GoThru hosted tour.


Feedback from 360 photographers

Street Editor powered by GoThru